Hugo Almeida, President
Abel Almeida, Owner & Vice-President
Ariana Gomes, Executive Assistant


Gustavo Almeida, Chief Financial Officer

Information, Technology & Internet

Pedro Gonçalves, Director of Information Technology
João Azevedo, Network Manager
Rui Bessa, Computer Programming


António Caetano, Facilities Maintenance Manager
Mónica Cunha, Senior Director of Operations

Fields and Grounds Department

António Caetano, Director of Fields & Grounds
Abel Almeida, Fields & Grounds Supervisor
Felismino Maia, Fielding Maintenance


Paulo Macedo, Manager, Design

Facilities Operations

Idalécio Pontes, Director, Stadium Operations
Samuel, Stadium Operations Assistant
Nelson, Stadium Operations Assistant

Public & Community Relations

Paulo Fonseca, Vice President, Public-Media & Community Relations

Player Personnel

David Rodriguez, Director of Player Development
Jorge Castañeda, Northeast Area Scout


João Castro, Head Coach
Hugo Almeida, Assistant Head Coach/Pitching Coach

Training & Medical

José Maciel, Athletic Trainer
Ricardo, Assistant Athletic Trainer
Bruno Maia, Team Nutricionist